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In the shadow of the oak tree

Near a river, Regardless the world around, In the shadow of a strong and old oak tree, We can feel a strenght Censored for AW 36"X 24"

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Anonymous Guest

X-Chel 22 Jul 2012

This image sure has a paradisiacal mood and more besides...too bad about the censorship-marks, though!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much X-Chel

stan jones 04 Dec 2004

as art goes this is fantastic well done Christiane

Paul Sandilands 24 Aug 2004

wonderful work.. I sure wish i could show my nudes:)

jorge gallardo 26 May 2004

Every artist draws nudes if they are a true artist. Maybe we should all send a short note to the moderators to change policy. Oviously Porn would not be accepted, but art should not be censored.

Christina Hans 30 Jan 2004

Beautiful.. Just beautiful. It's a pity it had to be censored. The "one with nature" is just another part of the piece. Still it really is beautiful.