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No title

it didnĀ“t fit into my scanner =/


Anonymous Guest

Anonymous Guest 03 May 2010

eaea re groso tu dibujo. Cuidate desaparecida :P

Larissa Ferreira 11 Jul 2008

Sooo cute ^_^ would you mind if give u a tip? I recomend you to use at least three tones of color. I say that your scale of the same color is perfect, but I think it would give more impact if you use one tone to base color, another to light and other to shadows. Ex: something u want to paint as yellow. So u use yellow to base color, white to lights and a light brown to shadows. Then, the contrast would be stronger. Anyway, its just my point of view... Your drawing is very expressive, now you're great but I'm sure u can be excellent because you're very tallented. ^_^

Francis Rivera 09 Jul 2008

This is very cute Melissa! Cute colors! ^_^

Abby Penn 09 Jul 2008

Oh, so cool, Melisa! =] Excellent job!