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This Moment

I may never see tomorrow; there's no written guarantee, And things that happened yesterday belong to history. I cannot predict the future, I cannot change the past, I have just the present moment, I must treat it as my last. I must use this moment wisely for it soon will pass away, and be lost to me forever as part of yesterday. I must exercise compassion, help the fallen to their feet, Be a friend unto the friendless, make an empty life complete. The unkind things I do today may never be undone, And friendships that I fail to win may nevermore be won. I may not have another chance on bended knee to pray, And thank God with humble heart for giving me this day. Author Unknown

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Anonymous Guest

Sharon Lee 27 Aug 2008

Thank you for sharing this,it is so lovely!!! And what a beautiful poem, and how true it is!

Nancy Costley 13 Jul 2008

Thanks, lovely

mahesh konsam 10 Jul 2008

I have inspired a lot seeing and feeling ur artwork. Brilliant !!

Francis Rivera 09 Jul 2008

This is so beautiful...I love the words! Beautiful work Joan! ^_^

Mary Janosik 08 Jul 2008

Love the poem and the shot, Jo!!