LOL I was talking with Lotzafeatherz, and this scene idea came in. Apparently Sloan is stuck, and Chelsey's the only one who can get him out. So she forces him to say "I love you." XD Here's the quotes: "Come on.....say it."-Chelsey "No way!"-Sloan "Come on, just say it."-Chelsey "NO!!"-Sloan "Say it or you can kiss your sorry tail goodbye!"-Chelsey "Grrr....why should I?"-Sloan "Well, if you just say those words to me, I'll let ya go. Trust me, saying it is not gonna mean much to me."-Chelsey "Why?"-Sloan "You said you'd do anything and say anything if I agree to get you out of this trap."-Chelsey "Oh man...."-Sloan "Say it....NOW!!"-Chelsey "Of all the stupid....you little brat....Oh all right....[murmurs]-Sloan "What did you say? I can't hear you...."-Chelsey "I LOVE YOU! There! I said it! HAPPY NOW? Now will you get me out?!"-Sloan "Heheheh....sure."-Chelsey BTW, that is Bree filming them. ^^;;

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Chelsey Medley 24 Jan 2004

LOL!!!!! that's really great! Keep up the good work!!!