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HAM-ster R Class

(c)2008 As gas prices,...wow,...are coming close to $5.00 a gallon,...a cry for alternative means to power our vehicles is heard throughout the land,...and around the world. I think the Flintstones had a good idea going,....so here we see an eight hamster wheel powered, over their heads dual cam, water and pellet injected, energy drink and vitamin enhanced, bottled water cooled, air fan cooled, five speed overdrive transmission, 100% pure bread America HAM-ster, R Class, Rodentster V8. So,...who needs Fred's two feet when we can let our fine furry friends run on their wheels and take us down the byways and freeways of our local communities. Now watch hamsters start being traded on the N.Y.S.E.! hehehe :O)


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Emily Reed 20 Jun 2008


Sharon Gonzalez 20 Jun 2008

WOW such intricacy and detail, Gregg!

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 20 Jun 2008

you are UNIQUE in these works!!!!!!!!!!!! love it!!!

Loredana 20 Jun 2008

Very Funny Gregg