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A mixed media painting I did on a bus touring Scotland. The bright yellow gorse was so absolutely breathtaking I had to capture my impression of it and the beauty of the Scottish highlands


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Sigridur Bachmann 29 Mar 2011

Wow what a beautiful painting with such divine colors !

Artist Reply: Thanks Sigga..It was beautiful to see....

tyler robbins 15 Aug 2010

this is simply beautiful..I like your style!!

Artist Reply: Thank you so very much...

Gagandeep chadha 03 Jul 2010

wowww its brilliant..i have become a fan of ur paintings n i sincerely hope even i'll be able tah make such paintings!!since i'm 15 i really have tah try working hard to get somewhere near d gr88 gr88 artists here in future...

Artist Reply: thanks so much for your very nice comments and looking at my work,,,,,,

jimmy guan 28 Jun 2010

Wonderful Sandra!

Artist Reply: Thanks so much

margaret mckeehan 11 Aug 2008


Artist Reply: Thank you Margaret for stopping by.........

Ann Fawssett-Atkin 02 Jun 2008

Beautifully done - you have indeed 'captured' the bightness and the mistiness.

Artist Reply: Thank you Ann. I try to paint from the heart in everything I do. I appreciate your wonderful comment. It inspires me to share.

Jessica Courtley-Rose 02 Jun 2008

Very lovely...colors are amazing!

Artist Reply: Thanks for your very nice comment.

Mary Ashton 02 Jun 2008

This is beautiful Sandra, brings back lovely memories of the Scottish Highlands where I am from. Yes the gorse is a mass of beautiful yellow. Lovely colours and super depth in this piece.

Artist Reply: Thank you Mary. It's nice to hear from someone who has lived there. This is my impression of the brightness and mistiness. It is a gorgeous place. So beautiful. I can see why some of my family lived there long ago. It's great to be part Scottish and Irish.

Federica Bentivoglio 02 Jun 2008

Beautiful landscape... I like Scotland!!!

Artist Reply: Thank you Frederica. It's a gorgeous place.

Mrs.David Jobes(Dee) Jobes 01 Jun 2008

BEAUTIFUL Beautiful work of art!!!Fantastic mixed media,Sandra!!!,Dee&David :):)

Artist Reply: Thank you. I appreciate your input so very much.

Bernhard Mueller 01 Jun 2008

Sandra, whatever you start turns out beautiful.

Artist Reply: What a wonderful compliment. You made my day.

Nira Dabush 01 Jun 2008

Truly WONDERFUL, Sandra.. love it.

Artist Reply: Thank you Nira my friend. Happy creating.

Sara Deutsch 31 May 2008

So soft serene and refreshing!

Artist Reply: Thank you so very much. I'm glad you appreciate my work.

Joan Stohlman 31 May 2008

Very beautiful Sandra.

Artist Reply: Thank you so very much Joan. I love to put down what I see onsite and use my imagination. That makes art original and fun. I appreciate your very nice comment.

John Fish 31 May 2008

beautiful colors and lighting. it really captures the misty feeling

Artist Reply: Thank you so much John. I appreciate your very nice compliment.

Julie Mayser 31 May 2008

Wonderful use of color... this has a magical feel to it!

Artist Reply: Thank you Julie. It is a magical place. I hope I captured that feeling. I appreciate your comment.

Kristy Hawkes 31 May 2008

Wonderful colors, beautiful!

Artist Reply: Thank you Kristy. Scotland is so beautiful. It's hard to capture.

Eric Schatz 31 May 2008

I love the colors too, it makes Scotland seem to sit on the border of the real and the just barely unreal

Artist Reply: Thank you so much Eric for the very nice comment. I appeciate it so much.

Donald Dolanski 30 May 2008

Great colors and flow. Excellent work!

Artist Reply: I appreciate your wonderful comment.

ron sargent 30 May 2008

very good painting!awesome work

Artist Reply: Thank you so much.

Emily Reed 30 May 2008


Artist Reply: Thanks so much Emily.

Sharon Gonzalez 30 May 2008

This is Very gorgeous, Sandra! VERY GORGEOUS!!!

Artist Reply: Thanks Sharon.

Joanna Jungjohann 30 May 2008

breath taking beautiful landscape and artwork, Sandra

Artist Reply: Thank you I appreciate your comment Jo. Have a wonderful weekend.

Lawrence Hickman 30 May 2008

impressive and fantastically done beautiful job

Artist Reply: Thank you so much Lawrence.