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Parabola Magic

The parabola is magic and mystic. It has the ability to concentrate radiation better than any other shape. The formula reunites circles, logarithms and linear units. Copyright Bernhard S. Mueller, (artist's pseudonome: Adrian Bayreuther), Germany. Member of 3rd Paradigm int'l. artists group.


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John Cappello 04 May 2012

I really enjoy the way You have made them look. All Your animal paintings are so very creative and of great artistic value and quality.

Ingrid Stiehler 15 Dec 2011

Wonderful radiant pastel colors - very well done!!!

jimmy guan 26 Nov 2011

Lovely colors Wonderful Geometry!

Sigridur Bachmann 08 Dec 2010

Oh ! I found one ! .. :-) Beautiful balance and colors !

Ana Johnson 01 Dec 2010

And this is just fantastic! XXXXXX Ana

Caballero Salguero 04 Jun 2010

Tiempo al friend Alemám, José

Eunice Broderick 17 Apr 2010

Fantastic Work Bernhard ! "makes me thursty" like looking at a Mint Julip with a Lemon Wege !!!

Yuri Yudaev 19 Jan 2010

Bright, radiant energy inspires and instills joy.

Heli Aarniranta 05 Jun 2009

Super art work. and like the colors used..eatable beauty...smiles... Fresh feeling...

Regina Coeli deWinter 29 Dec 2008

Love it...makes me want to eat an orange while lying in a hammock.

Piero Lucia 16 Aug 2008

The parabola is a very unique piece of equipment and the design is awesome. Bravo!

kathryn semolic 19 Jun 2008

excellent design, I like this piece very much.

Artist Reply: Thank you so much. I love your pics also a lot.

Kathie Nichols 09 Jun 2008

Gorgeous colours and design work Bernhard!

Nicola Yilmaz 02 Jun 2008

Fantastic! I like this one very much!

Artist Reply: Nicola, your pics are also very special to me.

Anonymous Guest 01 Jun 2008

Sehr interessant. Ich liebe die frischen Sommerfarben.

Joanna Jungjohann 29 May 2008

quite delicious looking, in fact!~

John Sweeney 25 May 2008

What yummy colors, reminds me of those candy fruits

Artist Reply: John, when the pic was finished, I had the same impression. It happened unintentionally.

donald laube 24 May 2008

greatness in the hands Bernhard. - Donald

Dawn Sharpe 24 May 2008

I love the structure of it and soft colors u used. Great as always!

lillianhibiscus 19 May 2008

I love the color ocmbinations

annette steens 19 May 2008

Love this mystical design!!

Ruth Kauffman 18 May 2008

VERY nice design work, Bernhard!!! Great composition!!

Renata Cavanaugh 18 May 2008

Beautifully done

Sandra McClure 18 May 2008

Excellent. Very creative mind that you have.

Joke Schotting 17 May 2008

Excellent work Bernhard!!!

Steve Farr 17 May 2008

This is very COOL!!! ~S

Anonymous Guest 16 May 2008

Thanks for your comment. Your works are very excellent too

Gina Cowins 15 May 2008

Bernhard intriguing the way you're separated straight planes from the geometric shapes.

Vincent von Frese 13 May 2008

Your painting here has a multi dimensional aspect as it relates to color value as well as the abstract simplicity of the physical behavior of light and gravity.

Kellie Hogben 13 May 2008

Gorgeous colours, love the parabola Bernhard! Oh and thanks for your comment on 'Aaron', much appreciated!

Federica Bentivoglio 13 May 2008

interesting work...well done!

mel taylor 12 May 2008

Wow! I love this painting, Bernard!Your skills ARE magic!!!! mel

Gavin North 12 May 2008

I love this Bernhard it has a really calming aura about it, excellent work

Lucia Stewart 12 May 2008

Cool and creative piece!

Gabrielle Stahlie 11 May 2008

Very interesting text. And a fine painting in beautiful soft colours. Thank you for your lovely comments Bernhard, all my returnmails bounce back.

Anonymous Guest 11 May 2008

I didn't see your answer to Joan, Bernhard,and I'm very honoured with your attention!!! Thank you very much for it, my friend! Alberto

Alberto D'Assumpcao 11 May 2008

Excellent watercolor, Bernhard!!

Robin Mead 10 May 2008

Wonderful colors and style....very vibrant...glorious!!!

Joan Stohlman 10 May 2008

I like this one especially because of the way you can turn geometric shapes into art. I love your colors in this piece. Your portfolio on a whole is one of the most interesting ones I`ve seen, it is certainly thought provoking.

Artist Reply: You got it. This picture is to honour another AW member, Alberto d'Assumpcao, and I tried to mirror his art work with this picture. Yep, my art is provoking. I feel that it is my duty, as long as I have the power to blame irregularities, poverty, government crimes, etc. In Europe it is unusual to let the president do what he/she wants just because he/she is elected. "Bring him to justice" is not automatically accepted as a deportation to a torture concentration camp in Cuba.

Sara Deutsch 10 May 2008

Artful geometry! I love the sunny/cool colors...

Nira Dabush 10 May 2008

Just fantastic abstract.. wonderful summer colours

Artist Reply: I wish you and your country a peaceful and happy Independance Day. By the way: thanks for your comment.

Mary Ashton 10 May 2008

Beautiful rendition of a parabola Bernhard, most interesting. Mary

Ileen Kaplan 10 May 2008

This is magical!

Artist Reply: Ileen, I love your comment. It shows that you understand it.

Madeleine Weber 10 May 2008

Sehr interessant...ich mag auch den titel dazu....für inspiration check Alberto D'Assumpcao hier in artwanted ist sehr meditativ....

BILL NAGY 10 May 2008

Bernie, This is a beautiful watercolor. thanks for presenting it. BILL NAGY

Tineke Kleij-van den Boomen 09 May 2008

Bernhard, this is the most beautiful watercolor I've seen.

don quackenbush 09 May 2008

really great... fun and beautiful

Emily Reed 09 May 2008


Artist Reply: Emily, I just try to become as good as you are. Have a nice week end.

jamie winter 09 May 2008

Bernhard this is sensational , great color control wow

Artist Reply: Jamie, I try to be at least 50 per cent as good as you are.

Sharon Gonzalez 09 May 2008

Wow, Bernhard. This is an awesome watercolor!