INDONESIA - RING OF FIRE - NORTHERN SILAWESI SEA-------- ACTIVE VOLCANO------------ This image was taken from a live aboard dive boat in the northern Silawesi Sea. The volcano in the background is active and a member of what is commonly termed the ring of fire. The ring of fire is a collection of active volcanoes that spans the Indonesian archipelago, which is wider than the United States. It is one of the most seismically active places on our planet. One or more of the volcanoes in this group will frequently obliterate some small towns or villages located at the base with lava flows. Many of the volcanoes, as this one does comprise the entire landmass of the island and the only habitable areas to build structures on is a narrow band of beach and jungle surrounding its base. This volcano did have small villages all around the base. As we steamed by it earlier in the day it was belching out a huge column of smoke that trailed off to the distant horizon. The lighting and cloud formations at that time were not as dramatic; this shot was taken just before sunset. The column of smoke from the volcano had disappeared though , ___geoff

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H Lee 09 Jul 2004

Gorgeous sunset.........love the sky's colors.

Paul Traudt 28 Mar 2004

Wow, I mean, wow

Mary Gehrke 20 Jan 2004

Beautifully done...I wish I was there!!

Hinsel Scott 19 Jan 2004

this is yet another beautiful image! the colors and the clouds are just amazing!

Maureen Santina 12 Jan 2004

Mysterious and exotic. Beautiful.