Nupastel on pastel paper.


Anonymous Guest

Sara Deutsch 04 Jul 2014

Beautiful self portrait with wonderful colors!

Artist Reply: Thanks so much

Piero Lucia 15 Jul 2013

A self portrait, ... Very well done.

Artist Reply: Thank you very much

Anonymous Guest 11 Oct 2010

That is a very good likeness of you, pretty

Artist Reply: thanks

yves colas 25 Jan 2010

an awesome and fine artwork,excellent expression of the face.

Artist Reply: Merci beaucoup

Craig Cantrell 25 Nov 2009

that is you, the skin tones are fantastic, beautiful Portrait work, I really like your eyes awesome.

Artist Reply: Thank you for the very nice compliment

craig moline 10 Oct 2009

Wonderful self portrait. Beautiful eyes!

Artist Reply: Thank you so much for stopping by and your very nice comment...

william maldonado 16 Jan 2009

you did a great job of self...

Artist Reply: Thank you so very much

Anonymous Guest 05 Jan 2009

I love this Sandra, now I can picture your face when we talk on the phone:) -- Andrea

Artist Reply: Thanks Andrea for visiting my gallery

Ann Fawssett-Atkin 06 Oct 2008

Very very well done Sandra. I like this a lot. Lovely pastel colours and I feel it must be a good likeness too.

Artist Reply: Thanks Ann. Everyone says it looks like me so I guess it does. It's very hard to do a self-portrait.

Richard Delay Sirs 27 Sep 2008

Excellent work...... and your eyes~!

Artist Reply: Thank you Richard. I have expressive eyes hope I captured them. I appreciate your comment.

margaret mckeehan 08 Sep 2008


Artist Reply: Thank you Margaret for the very nice compliment.

Shahram S. Nahavandi 16 Aug 2008

Such a beautiful face !

Artist Reply: Thank you very much.......

Vincent von Frese 31 Jul 2008

Good portrait!

Artist Reply: Thank you Vincent.

James Mann 12 Jun 2008

This is you? Nice to meet you. I've always had a hard time with portraits... let alone self portraits... difficulties with objectivity vs subjectivity, I guess. You seem at peace and comfortable with yourself. That's what comes across to me anyway. Nice.

Artist Reply: Thank you so much for stopping by. Your work is great and nice to meet you too. I appreciate your comment on my work.

Nira Dabush 05 Jun 2008

Brilliant portrait ,Sanrda magnificent self portrait

Artist Reply: Thanks Nira for the very nice compliment.

geoff cooper 17 May 2008

nice work, like the colours.

Artist Reply: Wonderful comment. Thank you.

Anneke Hut 08 May 2008

Sandra, what a wonderful colours! You are a beautiful woman, I'm curious, did you use a photo?

Artist Reply: Thank you so much Anneke. I used a mirror and a photo and it's hard to do. I know how Van Gogh felt. It's my first try at me. I appeciate you stopping by and your appreciation of my work

Anonymous Guest 06 May 2008

Nice and subtle thanks to the pastels but no mistaking its quite beautiful

Artist Reply: Thank you for your wonderful comment.

Ruth Kauffman 06 May 2008

BEAUTIFUL pastel work, Sandra!! Wonderful portrait. Having never seen you, Sandra, I can't make a comment on whether this really SHOWS you or not!! LOL Beautiful lady...beautiful work...

Artist Reply: Thank you so much Ruth. I appeciate your nice compliment.

Mary Ashton 06 May 2008

Beautifully done Sandra, lovely shading and colouring. Mary

Artist Reply: Thank your for your comment Mary and your appreciation for my work.

helen tyralik 05 May 2008

wonderful pastel work

Artist Reply: Thank you so much Helen. It's wonderful to hear from you.

Anonymous Guest 05 May 2008

you look very beatiful..

Artist Reply: Thank you and thanks for stopping by.

Lili Segal 05 May 2008

Wonderful portrait. Sandra! Excellent work!

Artist Reply: Thank you so much Lili. I really appeciate your comments. Have a wonderful night.

Sharon Gonzalez 05 May 2008

Awesomely done, Sandra!

Artist Reply: Thanks Sharon. I appeciate you stopping by and the very nice compliment. I hope this one shows a little of me and my personality. Self-portraits are a challenge.

Julie Mayser 05 May 2008

Well, there you are,Sandra!!! I recognized you in a nanosecond.... Lovely colors!

Artist Reply: Thanks Julie Yes it's MOI lol Hope a little of me came through. Appreciate your comments.

jamie winter 05 May 2008

wow this is awesome. excellent portrait Sandra!!!

Artist Reply: Thanks so much Jamie. At least my model was close at hand and works cheap. lol It's challenging to do a self-portrait. I hope I captured some of my personality. You know I love purple lol.

Teresa Dominici 05 May 2008

Awesome portrait.

Artist Reply: Thanks so much Teresa for your encouragement. I hope I captured a little of me.

annette steens 05 May 2008

very nice portrait Sandra!

Artist Reply: Thanks so much Teresa and self-portraits are difficult to do.