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We don't need no education

This is another one of my synesthetic impressions of music. This time it is D-E-F-E from Pink Floyd's Another Brick in the Wall. Copyright: Bernhard Müller, (artist's pseudonome: Adrian Bayreuther), Germany. Member of 3rd Paradigm int'l. artists group.


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Ryan Elizabeth Burchfield 31 Aug 2011

Love the sound of music I can see in this one. Love Pink Floyd and this very fitting :)

Anonymous Guest (IP: 06 Sep 2010

Love it

Beatrix Jahn 24 Aug 2010

Berndi, you should really do more of these! Lovely feel to it!

Artist Reply: Your comment makes me feel alright.

John Cappello 10 May 2010

Teacher, leave them Kids alone!

Artist Reply: Exactly :-)

Anonymous Guest (IP: 10 Dec 2009

I like all your synesthetic images Bernhard. Superb work.

George Wallis 06 Oct 2009

wonderful color and movement, great work

Jose Velasquez 02 Sep 2009

Nicely done; thanks for your comment on my painting.

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot, Jose. Have a nice day!

Anne-Cecile Derrien 07 Aug 2009

Impressive !

Kovács János 29 Jun 2009

G R E A T ! : )

Gina Cowins 13 Jun 2009

The image is putting a smile on my face, very nicely done.

michael bauzon 08 Jun 2009

amazingly WOW! im speechless....

Anonymous Guest (IP: 20 May 2009

LOVE this piece of work..and the song too:=)) my pic of the day!!Bless.

Amy Polling 16 May 2009

Fantastic!!! Very cleverly done!

Marika Antal 05 Apr 2009

spectacular work!!

Patricia Vidour 26 Mar 2009

Very creative!

Ulughbek Mukhamedov 15 Mar 2009

Good taste and works fine very much!

William Alexander 26 Feb 2009

Wow! Very synthetic, yet organic! Connected to nature, yet also far removed.

Vernonette Gaddy 15 Feb 2009

This artwork intrigues me. It reminds me of floating balloons.

Regina Coeli deWinter 08 Feb 2009

Great concept, Bernhard, very appealing and great symbolism!

Sigridur Bachmann 28 Dec 2008

Stunning work of art Bernhard.! I can hear the music in this work for sure.!! " SUPERB "

mimulux 04 Nov 2008

mir gefaellt deine synesthesia idee ganz hervorragend. ab und zu schluepfen auch songs, melodien in meine fraktale rein - wie bei dem bild, das du kommentiert hast. ich setze dich mal auf meine watchlist.. bin gespannt auf weitere kunst von dir! lg aus ungarn.. mimulux :)

Nira Dabush 10 Sep 2008

Extraordinary abstract dear Bernie... Super work.. to go with your title.

Vincent von Frese 25 Jul 2008

Very modern in tone!

lillianhibiscus 31 May 2008

This work intrigues me.

Lizzy Forrester 24 May 2008

This is really my favourite - but overall I find you synesthesia work fascinating. I like to portray "spiritual energy fields" to art. But this is very new to me and it's really very interesing. I can feel the music and vibration just looking at your work. Excellent. Your portrait with the symbolic angel kissing you is lovely. Nice friend you have! Great work and all very interesting Bernhard.

Artist Reply: Lizzy, you observed it very precise. These tone objects are also energy loaded (why else they would shine?). But like most of the synaestetic persons I cannot describe it clearly. It is just an imagination which is permanently and cannot be erased. With high concentration I can minimize it though.

Izabella Pavlushko 23 May 2008

interesting digital work, Bernie. I can fell lightness of the figures. well done !

Hugo Revuelta 19 May 2008

I do not know how to make computer art, but I know how to appreciate art made in computer. Good work. I might try my Photoshop.

Artist Reply: Hugo, just try it. Most of the computer programs have an "undo" function which helps you to erase what you do not want to have on your "canvas". I am working with Ulead Photo Impact and Gimp.

Joanna Jungjohann 12 May 2008

awesome art here, bernhard!

mel taylor 12 May 2008

I sure would like to see how you acheive this, Bernhard!! It is beautiful!! mel

Chas Sinklier 11 May 2008

Nice work Bernhard - imagine this great pic about a meter on the long side - bewdy ~:0) (BTW - regarding our digital info exchange - I use PhotoShop - thas where the control is for me - I have not had much luck with 3-D wares - though I did work professionally with some of them, just preferred the illustrative results I get with PS - the digital work looks exactly like me oil and acrylic illies - hope that helps :0)

Artist Reply: Your words tell me that you feel simultaneuously. The "meter" idea is ok, but it would turn the picture into a CAD drawing. Most of my pics come out either of my synaesthetical abilities or my technical background. From time to time I hide political messages. It's a secret. Don't tell anyone else :-)

Madeleine Weber 04 May 2008

Ich finde es verdammt schwer musik zu visualisieren, da sie von einem völlig anderen Sinn interpretiert wird! Dein Bild hier ist schon beeindruckend! Du bewegst dich da auf sehr freien Raum den berühmten Akzenten der Musik und dem stetigen Fluss! Well done! Pink Floyd hätte es wohl für eines der Cover genommen neben dem genialen Prisma! Gruß aus Irland Madeleine*

Artist Reply: Vielen Dank für den gefühlvollen Kommentar. Leider ist der Personenkreis derer, die meine synästhetische Kunst nachvollziehen können, sehr klein.

Annette Labedzki 02 May 2008

sehr schoen

Sara Deutsch 02 May 2008

I can hear this painting! Intriguing...

penny haviland 01 May 2008

This is fun! Love it!

Sharon Gonzalez 01 May 2008

Fabulous, Bernhard! Great design and great color!

Emily Reed 01 May 2008


Tineke Kleij-van den Boomen 01 May 2008

Hi Bernard. I like music and I know the song. I like your digital painting, very beautiful. I red a book about water. Drops of water and music. Was also very beautiful.

Artist Reply: Thank you a lot for your sensitive words.

jamie winter 01 May 2008

most excellent piece Bernhard

Artist Reply: Dearest Jamie, you are so nice.