Paper Model of Tiger 1 Tank

This is Tiger-I Battle Force Tank. Tigers were capable of destroying the American Sherman or British Churchill IV at ranges exceeding 1,600 m. These were in service from 1942-1945. It weighs 56.9 tonnes. Germans bombarded her enemies using this super heavy tank in World War II. It took me more than 27 days to complete, the best part of it is that the barrel can rotate 360 degrees. Beaware guys, she is my killing machine! Please do write your precious comments and suggestions along with your email ID so that I can reply you back. Call me or email me if you want to buy / order any of my completely built models (Please be noted that the plans are not sold here).


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John Cappello 16 May 2012

All this work is so Good So real looking Great Authentic details on every one!

Bernhard Mueller 19 Jan 2010

Your paper models are fascinating. It looks like a lot of work.

Artist Reply: Thanks Bernhard. Keep visiting for more ^_^

Anonymous Guest 08 Oct 2009


Artist Reply: Zanks Zanks...

Anonymous Guest 12 Jun 2008

Amazing work !!

Artist Reply: Thanks!!

Anonymous Guest 15 May 2008

Oh Tank!!!! marvelous....was waiting 4 ur new model to come. atam how u make impossible the possible...really surprised. u knw you are really lucky!!! becoz God has given you such a rare talent.....i love all ur modles . gr8 gr8 job man...u ROCK!!!! keep going like ds......loveee uuu

Artist Reply: Many thanks sweetheart ^_^ . Your precious comments always make me very confident. Thanks for your support :)

Anonymous Guest 29 Apr 2008

To some god gave power of mind , to some wealth,to some vision to rule the world but very rare are those who are gifted with power of art to rule the hearts of million---------------and no doubt you are the rare gifted one .............may you succeed in your mission to conquer the hearts of millions and rule the world in your own style.............Ameen (Mustafa)

Artist Reply: Hey thanks for your wonderful words Mustafa.

Anonymous Guest 29 Apr 2008

Hey gr8 work dude:) I am really impressed by the effort you have put into it.Lots of dedication nd hard work... Keep it up herooo Ayesha

Artist Reply: Thanks for the comments Ayesha ^_^ Keep visiting for more to come real soon:)

Anonymous Guest 28 Apr 2008

Great Work dude, what next? Tarun Chander

Artist Reply: Next is something very complex, it can fly but it cant take off, it can be as fast as 25,000 kms/hr...... :-)

Anonymous Guest 28 Apr 2008

Excellent work yaar, keep it up

Artist Reply: Thanks alot ^_^

Anonymous Guest 25 Apr 2008

Really Amazing ,they way u painted seems original in color.keep rockin...... Pankaj Namdev

Artist Reply: Thanks Pankaj ^_^

Anonymous Guest 25 Apr 2008

Brilliant...really love the way u have done the wheels on the tank...i'm sure that must have been one of the tougher parts. Madhur

Artist Reply: thanks for the lovely comments! Ya those were quite tough i can say. But in the end, everything seems to be so easy :)

Anonymous Guest 24 Apr 2008

Amazin piece of art... with precision.... I have seen the model and its too good to be true... its got the exact proportions and dimensions.... hats off to atam to have made somethin like this...:-) - kavya

Artist Reply: Thanks alot Kavya :)

Anonymous Guest 24 Apr 2008

Awesome...!!!! u always keep on going better and better...!!! :-)

Artist Reply: Thanks alot dude ^_^

Anonymous Guest 24 Apr 2008

You are joking about the price part. I believe they would be too dear to you to sell to anyone... Nirbhai

Artist Reply: hmmm, yup you are right, they are really too dear to me. I am not goin to sell this one, I will create another one on demand and will sell that one buddy ^_^

Anonymous Guest 24 Apr 2008

AS always. Your creations seem great. Would love to see them all in flesh in asr. Do keep me posted. Nirbhai Chadha

Artist Reply: Sure, you are always welcome anytime to come to see my models. :)

Anonymous Guest 24 Apr 2008

Dude ur amazing Creature.....Keep up the amazing work Cheers!!

Artist Reply: Thanks alot buddy ^_^

Anonymous Guest 24 Apr 2008

Goood job ,its obviuos that u are tooo goodd in this --rach

Artist Reply: Thanks :)

Anonymous Guest 24 Apr 2008 is unbelievable that such a thing can be created with a paper...the best part is the barrel...keep going man.. Ashish :)

Artist Reply: Thanks Asheesh ^_^

Anonymous Guest 24 Apr 2008

It is beautiful, amazing. It seems like needs a lot of effort, the color shades are so good.Wish I too could learn.

Artist Reply: Thanks for the comments Priya :)

Anonymous Guest 24 Apr 2008

Itz awesome atam.. Looks so solid n real.. - Hariprasad

Artist Reply: Thanks Hari:) Keep visiting for more ^_^

Anonymous Guest 24 Apr 2008

Its really nice.. looking like real battle force model.. the finishing and alll perfect U R realy Gr8:).... By Chithu god gave good innovative thinking and talent.. atam jit bava gr8888.

Anonymous Guest 24 Apr 2008

Looks quite the menacing tank. The rollers, chain & the finish are quite real looking. Most impressive touch - the 360 swivel of the barrel. Awesome. -- Deepak

Artist Reply: Thanks alot Deepak, your words have always been motivating me to improve upon my hobby ^_^ Keep visiting for more :)

Anonymous Guest 24 Apr 2008

Good Job !!! The drive chain drooping & elevation, and the upper drive cannon look quite real.. Keep It Upp ...Karan Sen

Artist Reply: Thanks Karan, nice to see your comments everytime :)

Anonymous Guest 24 Apr 2008

^ | Shiv

Artist Reply: Thanks alot Shiv, keep visiting for more :) Thanks for giving me the first comment!

Anonymous Guest 24 Apr 2008

The rollers look very real.. Great work..