July Dream

This is a portion of a black-ink drawing in my current style.


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Renee Nemerov 25 Jul 2004

Very nice work, Marie!!

Chien-Hua Chang 25 Jul 2004

Great Style, I like it. Keep up with the good work!

sher richardson 24 Jul 2004

beautiful flow and design work Marie, and welcome .... thankyou for the comment.. you love the ink and it loves you with intracate woven lines...

W. James Taylor 24 Jul 2004

i like very much ... your a genius !

Thom Roslan 21 Jul 2004

Very Stunning imagery.....sort of rminds me of 13th Century Japanese Scroll work!!!

Angie Waszkiewicz 17 Jul 2004

Absolutely Wonderful! So elegant and detailed :)

David Holcombe 17 Jul 2004

There is a nice simplicity. The juxtaposition of detailed areas and white areas make both stronger. The subject is simultaneously personal and impersonal. (Thanks for your comments)

Ekua Akumanyi 16 Jul 2004

this is amazing, I love the style used, so much care and time , again qudous to you....more please