holes. We carry them around worrying about them, the empty spaces, and yet it is from here that great sweeping sounds of miraculous music finally emerge, echoing, reverberating, filling us, lifting us up off our toes, spiraling us majestically high, our own music finally released, emanating from what once we considered our own emptiness. Virtual Shattered Glass Technique ©2007 by Douglas Christian Larsen, Soldier On! Inspirational Motivationals, fusing the power of words with all the colors of the rainbow. Soldier On. If you are interested in purchasing the fine-art prints or posters of Douglas Christian Larsen, please visit his professional portfolio at: DCLWolf @ ImageKind.com


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Ravinder Dutt 14 May 2009

very beautiful just great,

Bauke Prins 21 Apr 2008

Beautiful clear image. Great colours, good design!

Emily Reed 21 Apr 2008

HOW COOL! SO Spectacular!

jamie winter 21 Apr 2008

awesome. so bright and fantastic use of color