Sketch for a pyrography/digital project!

on a 8x10in piece of paper

Updates on progress ...


Anonymous Guest

lillianhibiscus 29 Jun 2008

wonderful work!

Vincent von Frese 21 Jun 2008

Interesting work!

Nira Dabush 08 May 2008

Outstanding work Andrew

Sigridur Bachmann 22 Apr 2008

Very Interrested work, you are very good with you pencil. GREAT WORK.....

Joanna Jungjohann 20 Apr 2008

very well done andrew

Jodi Keys 19 Apr 2008

Amazing Andrew. One of my favorites!

Sandra McClure 15 Apr 2008

Nice sketch Andrew.

esther baltisberger 14 Apr 2008

very peaceful like it

Stanley Layman 13 Apr 2008

The sketch works look forward to the end result!

Wayne Hingley 13 Apr 2008

Nice sketch Andrew, let me know when you finish the pyrography. I'm interested to see the final product.

Joke Schotting 13 Apr 2008

Beautiful sketch Andrew!!!

Teresa Dominici 12 Apr 2008

Nice sketch.