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Wild colors and crazy design...


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Celeste Smith 14 Apr 2008

Wow!!!!So cool !!!!

Hui Zhu 14 Apr 2008

ooow...wonderful !!!o.O

Francis Rivera 13 Apr 2008

Wow! I like this one! ^_^

kath nepia 13 Apr 2008


Maria Murphy 12 Apr 2008


Blue Doll 12 Apr 2008

looks very crazy... but its really very nice though....

Cathy Holford 12 Apr 2008

Nice design!

Mrs.David Jobes(Dee) Jobes 11 Apr 2008

BEAUTIFUL Colors in this arrayed Beautiful artwork,Emily!!!:)

Gavin North 11 Apr 2008

Emily I have always been a huge fan of your work, this is such a lively piece that you just can't help but smile. Excellent as always my friend

Robin Foss 11 Apr 2008

very well done.

John Fish 11 Apr 2008

so cool. it's like a pile of beads. I love the way the blue frames the red.

Stanley Layman 11 Apr 2008

While the title fits, there is an online game with the same name.

Anonymous Guest (IP: 11 Apr 2008

Excellent title for all these gorgeous colours Emily. (sorry not logged in Ann FA)

Warren Ballard 11 Apr 2008

Nice work!

Jodi Keys 11 Apr 2008

WONDERFUL work Emily!!!!!!!!!

Carliss Mora 11 Apr 2008

Dazzling, and beautifully vivid, Emily!!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 11 Apr 2008

Wow...How long did this take...I bet it was quite some time.

BILL NAGY 11 Apr 2008

This is great, Emily. Nice colors and design. BILL NAGY

Thomas Reed 11 Apr 2008


francis kwok peng kin 11 Apr 2008

brilliant work, truely remarkable.

Armando Salas 11 Apr 2008

Crazy design yet powerful and eyecatching

jamie winter 11 Apr 2008

wonderful abstract Emily, so so prety. love it!!!!!!!!!

Michael Easter 11 Apr 2008

Wow this is amazing!

Analua 11 Apr 2008


jennifer blenkinsopp 11 Apr 2008

It is beautiful abstract, I love the design and colours chosen, I like the strings of beads in it.

joost 11 Apr 2008