Look Far

I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help.... Psalm121:1............................ The next time your eyes get tired, gazed up steadily at the mountains for 10 to 20 minutes, it will rest your eyes. In other words the eyes of the soul get tired, stressful with problems. But if we turn our attention to the far horizon of God's providence and love, we change into a new perspective. Only then we experience the rest we desperately need.............................................................. Three Gorges, Sichuan.China in Watercolor 86cmx108cm


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Tabitha Borges 09 Feb 2009

You words and picture lifted me thank so much..Hugs Tab

Artist Reply: Thanks Tab, very nice to hear from you. your comments are inspirational.

Grace Engel 23 Jan 2009

Beautiful mood, very patient and calm skill and technique and inspirational words thankyou

Anne Vis 22 Aug 2008

Wonderful work! Great atmosphere!

Reba McDonald 15 Jul 2008

A beautiful painting.

Renata Cavanaugh 28 Apr 2008

Amazing painting Francis!

Artist Reply: Thank you Renata for your comments and time, much appreciated.

Mrs.David Jobes(Dee) Jobes 19 Apr 2008

Thank You Francis for giving this world another Magnificent Beautiful Masterpiece of Watercolor Art!!!Your Great God given talent is a Joy to behold!!!Great Bible Verse and Inspiring Encouraging words,Thank You,God Bless!!!,Dee&David :):)

Artist Reply: Thank you Mrs Jobes, your words greatly inspired me. Praise the Lord.

Joanna Jungjohann 15 Apr 2008

wow, I could drown in this beautiful painting. magnificent and lovely work, francis

Artist Reply: Thank you Joanna for your beautiful words and comments.

Leigh Karchner 13 Apr 2008

Just gorgeous! A place of serenity and awe of the heavens...... excellent portrayal Francis.

Artist Reply: Thank you for your comment, much appreciated.

Steve Farr 13 Apr 2008

Very nice!!! I Luv it!! Great atmosphere you've created here!! Plus, you named it after me! LOL!!~S

Artist Reply: Thank you Steve, your works are very creative and excellent in composition.

joan warburton 12 Apr 2008

A beautiful place, a wonderful painting.

Artist Reply: Hi Joan, thanks for your beautiful comment.

KC CHANG 12 Apr 2008


Julie Mayser 12 Apr 2008

Very beautiful and amazing watercolor. You have brought forth the immensity of the mountains, the movement of the water, the sense of peace and serenity... I could view this for hours.

renee lavoie 12 Apr 2008

This is incredible! amazing work with watercolor!

BySilent 11 Apr 2008

Interesting work. Congratulations on this being selected as a Pic of the Day.

debbie collier 11 Apr 2008


Nira Dabush 11 Apr 2008

Dramatic and outstanding atmosphere ,Francis...as always incredibly beautiful..... goes beautifully with your added text.

Chas Sinklier 11 Apr 2008

Real Bewdy FKPK - I can hear the water trickling over the rocks ~:0)

Artist Reply: The water had risen up now due to the dam that blocked up the water. Man verses nature, this panoramic view was buried into it. Thanks Chas.

Ben DeBiase 11 Apr 2008

beautiful image, sentiment

Artist Reply: Thank you Ben.

John Fish 11 Apr 2008

Absolutely wonderful and beautiful. Love the writing. One of my favorite quotes. A beautiful message and image.

Artist Reply: Thank you John for sharing your beautiful acrylic works to me. Your water medium is so free and natural......and lively.

John Enright 11 Apr 2008

this is extremely beautiful francis... you have captured the essence of the atmospheric conditions, the soft mist, the density of the mountains... terrific art.

Artist Reply: Thank you John for your comment and time,greatly appreciated.

jamie winter 11 Apr 2008

wow this is so awesome Francis it is incredible.

Artist Reply: Hi Jamie thanks for your comments.

Martha Miller 11 Apr 2008

very pretty but lonely looking scene Francis.

Artist Reply: Thank you Martha, always appreciated.

Linda Eades Blackburn 11 Apr 2008

Your work is truly inspirational!

Artist Reply: Hi Linda, thanks you. Life's big turning points often hinge on little things.

Terry Bullard 11 Apr 2008

Wonderful Francis! I love the scripture too, so fitting and true. I thought of you a couple of times this past week, once while on our way to work, seeing birds flying over the river which is so common in your paintings (but missing in this one) and then again from a picture I received from a little boy with sponsor thru Compassion International - her drew birds flying thru his picture simular to yours. Anyway made me say a prayer for you out of the blue! : ) Blessings friend.

Artist Reply: You are so thoughtful to remember these little thing, this is a mascot to me indeed. PRAYERS MOVES THE HANDS THAT MOVES THE WORLD.

Rusty Woodward-Gladdish 11 Apr 2008

Gloriously atmospheric and expresses the mysterious beauty of nature so well. Love it!

Artist Reply: Thank you Rusty,the beauty of nature is so immense. Our Lord is always in control behind the scenes.

Michael Easter 11 Apr 2008

WOW magnificent!

Artist Reply: Thank you Michael, your comment is deeply appreciated.

Matthew Campbell 11 Apr 2008

beautiful watercolor painting

Artist Reply: Thank you Matthew, your comment are always appreciated.

Nancy Woolweber 11 Apr 2008

This one really speaks to me. Nature at it's best.

Artist Reply: Thank you Nancy, the Lord has greatly enriched our lives with beauty, And we in turn express our gratitude by displaying His glory in our art.

Emily Reed 11 Apr 2008


Artist Reply: Thank you Emily, it's very kind of you.

Olga van Dijk 11 Apr 2008

BEAUTIFUL TEXT accompanying this awesome watercolor. To control these darks is brilliant.... MY PIC OF THE DAY Francis! --Love and Light~OLGA

Artist Reply: Hi Olga, it's very sweet of you..thank you.

Analua 11 Apr 2008

Magnific work Francis!

Artist Reply: Thank you Analua...always appreciated.

joanne boyling 11 Apr 2008

great work!

Artist Reply: Thank you for sharing your pencil works, it's truely magnificient.

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 11 Apr 2008

superb!! the light is brilliant!

Artist Reply: Thank you Nelly your comments brighten up my day.

pamela jones 11 Apr 2008

excellent work as usual Francis

Artist Reply: Thank you for sharing your watercolor work, your pieces inspired me a lot.

Ross Loudon 11 Apr 2008

Brilliant work. Well done!

Artist Reply: Thank you Ross for your comment.

Egon Miklavcic 11 Apr 2008


Artist Reply: Thank you Egon, deeply appreciated.

Lili Segal 11 Apr 2008

Psalm 121:1 In Hebrew: "Essa Eynay El He-Harim, Me-Ayin Yavo Ezri". Excellent artwork, Francis! What a terrific landscape! Wonderful composition and marvelous colours! Great mood!

Artist Reply: Thank you Lili for the verse, it was amazing.