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April P/Fools' Day

I took this photo in Duino (Trieste) at 45° Latitude N, 13° Longitude E on March 20th, 2008, day of the vernal equinox in Northern Hemisphere.It is a Fish coming from the Performance "Duino Paradiso Equinox" with Dawn Redwood, in the Poetry&Music of Love: by Rainer Maria Rilke (Elegie Duinesi, 1922), Dante (Paradiso, Dante's stone next to Duino Castle), Liszt ("Sogno d'amore")and Dario Della Rossa's travel notes. Watch the videos,listen to the music, smell the sounds of Trieste Gulf in www.youtube.com/L4AURA52


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Anneke Hut 01 Apr 2008

Haha very funny, Laura! I love it!

Emily Reed 01 Apr 2008