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Hiromi's Dream

So many times ,we see here at AW, the spirit that connect us all...One Spirit. In Mars, 06, 08 Hiromi posted an artwork : " Pigment of Destination ", which was inspired by her dream , while she was ill...A dream of many Red butterflies ... a day or 2 after I saw this work on the screen of my PC :-))...Immidiately I said to myself : " This is Hiromi's dream... " Sometimes, I feel as If we predict the future with our ART...AND vice versa..Our ART, May predict our future. By the way, I had once a most beautiful dreams of many White butterflies... Have a splendid warm day...Thanks for viewing and commenting . Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush


Anonymous Guest

Anonymous Guest (IP: 22 Mar 2008

oh beautiful! luv it!

Artist Reply: Thanks so much Anony..enjoy your SPRING TIME !!

Jan van Baarle 22 Mar 2008

Nice work!

Artist Reply: Thanks again dear Jan...Best wishes...Nira

Ruth Kauffman 21 Mar 2008

Sooooo beautiful!!! Your work is amazing, my friend!!!

Artist Reply: Hello again , Ruth...enjoy your weekend, my friend.

geoff cooper 21 Mar 2008

this is great Nira.

Artist Reply: Thanks again Geoff..Enjoy your weekend , Nira

Mrs.David Jobes(Dee) Jobes 20 Mar 2008

BEAUTIFUL!!!Dearest Nira,You have a Beautiful Imagination and Your Great Artistic Talent with the computer really brings Brilliancy and Beauty to Your STUNNING Artwork!!!Sooooooo Beautiful artworks,Nira!!!Just love Butterflies!!!(((((((Hugs)))))) :)

Artist Reply: Hello my dear Dee..Me too love butterflies..glad you enjoy my art... Again THANK YOU !! (((((( HUGS )))))) Nira

jamie winter 20 Mar 2008

wow is this cool Nira. so creative

Artist Reply: Thanks again Jamie..Best wishes ,Nira

KC CHANG 20 Mar 2008


Artist Reply: Thanks a lot , KC... Enjoy your weekend ,NIRA

Steve Farr 20 Mar 2008

Amazing, work, Nira!!!!! ~S

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot , Steve... Enjoy your weekend ,NIRA
Artist Reply: Thanks so much dear Steve.. Best wishes to you and yours...Nira !! ~~

Joke Schotting 20 Mar 2008

Wonderful dear Nira!!!!

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot , Joke... Enjoy your weekend ,NIRA

Hiromi Green 20 Mar 2008

WOW! Dear Nira this is such beautiful work! The Red Butterflies really look as though they dancing in threes! It is strange how things happen like that and how we see things in many ways! Thank you so much for this 'dream' piece!

Artist Reply: Hello again , Hiromi..THANK YOU !! glad you enjoy this piece... nira

Reba McDonald 20 Mar 2008

A terrific design.

Chris Roukema 20 Mar 2008

Most Awesome Spiritual Work, Nira!

Artist Reply: Once more..THANK YOU !!

Steven Torrisi 20 Mar 2008

Wonderful metahphor for conveying thought into reality. Circulular pattern of red circling the green of nature symbolizes the cycle of life — what comes around and goes around.

Artist Reply: Hello again Steven... thanks for your wonderful creativity in reading metaphors ...I think each can find different metaphors in the same scenery...Lately..I'm so busy to understand so many metaphors myself , since I'm so busy in Literature :-)... Who would believe that me ,Nira would be so occupied in solving metaphors... ???... :-)) Enjoy your day..!! ~~ NIRA

Barry Huyett 20 Mar 2008

one spirit are WE.......beautiful.... spring is here!

Artist Reply: Once more..THANK YOU !!

Emily Reed 20 Mar 2008

Dazzling! Spectacular!

Artist Reply: Once more..THANK YOU !!

Olga van Dijk 20 Mar 2008


Artist Reply: Once more..THANK YOU !!

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 20 Mar 2008

oh, marvellous!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!

Artist Reply: Once more..THANK YOU !!