Red Neck Bird Feeder

Just for fun ... Who knew a bird feeder up in the air could get over grown with grass? So I titled it "Red Neck Bird Feeder" - Supposed to be a joke :)


Anonymous Guest

Anonymous Guest 18 Jun 2008

awesome betty!!!!!!!!!!maria murphy

Artist Reply: Thanks .... It has finally been mowed LOL

Julie Mayser 24 Mar 2008

How cute... made me giggle!! :-)

Artist Reply: That is all I can think of when I see that darn bird feeder. LOL Thnanks for your comment!

Joyce Nagle 22 Mar 2008

Very creative :-)

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot :) huggs

Anonymous Guest 22 Mar 2008

I bet the giraffes would like it heheheh Jondia

Artist Reply: Thanks for the comment Jondia :)

Judith Reynolds 19 Mar 2008

Cute Picture Betty, I'm sure the birds left !!LOL Funny ! HUGGS

Artist Reply: Thanks Judy and Welcome Back!!! Huggs

Dianne McGrath 19 Mar 2008

You've got a great sense of humor!!

Artist Reply: LOL thanks Dianne. But that is all I can think of when I see that horrendous mess of a feeder :)

Anonymous Guest 18 Mar 2008

Betty, you need to tell those robins to mow their yard. ROFL

Artist Reply: ROFL I know ... lazy birds :)

Emily Reed 18 Mar 2008


Artist Reply: HAHA Thanks. I really gotta do something about that feeder. I don't think the birds can even get to it anymore LOL

Marie Becerra 18 Mar 2008

ROFLMAO Oh my gosh this is hilarious! Did the birds get discouraged and leave? Great funny photo!

Artist Reply: I guess I need to get me a mini-weed wacker to wack those weeds (haha) Thanks for taking the time to comment.