Clarity, as fragmented as it is, and I finally see that what I've been following has led me deeper and deeper into this swamp. Remnants of past travelers, (victims?) are scattered before me. Unable to find my own way out again, where else do I go but on? March 08 0.5 mech pencil.


Anonymous Guest

Emily Reed 13 Apr 2008


Artist Reply: Thanks Emily. I will be over to comment on your new stuff sometime soon.

Patrick Boyle 29 Mar 2008

very creepy but kinda looks like my sons room!!!! If there was a guitar in the corner it WOULD be his room!!! Great work none the less Wayne!! Its good to see one of us still has time to draw!!!!Keep up the great work!!!

Artist Reply: Thanks Patrick. I steal away a few minutes at a time now and then to get things drawn, it comes together sometimes. smart boy playing guitar, what kind does he have?

Renata Cavanaugh 20 Mar 2008

Interesting and well done

Artist Reply: Thank you Renata. It could be darker to make it more menacing, but I like to stop while I'm ahead.

Lawrence Hickman 17 Mar 2008

fantasically done great job, awsome

Artist Reply: Thanks Lawrence. I thought about doing it as a painting but stuck with this.

annette steens 16 Mar 2008

great expression of your swamp!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much. I shaded it while watching Resident evil 1.