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The Seventh Sense

As far as I can remember myself,as a kid, we learned about the 5 senses. My sixth sense have developed during the years...And the more it was developed ( and still ) , the more excited I was with this fact. It may sound strange to you, but...I found out , that in my life, I use also a Seventh Sense...That to most people , it is not familiar , i think... :-) Do you use a Seventh Sense ???... Thanks for viewing and commenting...Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush


Anonymous Guest

John Cappello 03 Aug 2015

Absolutely Stunning I can feel my mind expanding from the Heat off this Amazing colorful picture!

geoff cooper 16 Mar 2008

nice design Nira.

stephanie atlee 15 Mar 2008

Gorgeous work...very colorful and vibrant

Artist Reply: Hello Stephanie..thanks for your visit,,enjoy your weekend,NIRA

clystie pruden 14 Mar 2008

beautifully done

Artist Reply: Thanks so much...Enjoy your weekend,NIRA

Brigitte Hintner 14 Mar 2008

wow, dear Nira this is so beautiful and refreshing it in every way !!!:-).....btw, I think , the human being has got more senses than people believe, they just awaiting for discovering ...;-) have a wonderful weekend my friend!

Artist Reply: I'll tell you something, the same time ,you commented here my ART...I was outside for a fast walk...while my walk, I reflected, as always. I made POSITIVE THINKING, Like I mostly do in my walks...AND...For a moment, I saw you, somehow in my mind..I'm sure it was the time, you were here, at my portfolio..I simply felt you. As I came in, indeed I found YOU here :-).. And yes..surely we shall discover more senses :-))...Just some more researches to do. Enjoy yourself the weekend, Hugs, Nira

Izabella Pavlushko 14 Mar 2008

very cute and well executed work. I really love this one !

Artist Reply: Hello Izabella and thanks a lot for the visit here today..glad you love this..Enjoy your weekend ,Nira

Mrs.David Jobes(Dee) Jobes 13 Mar 2008

BEAUTIFUL Abstract Art,my Dear Friend!!!Stunning digital artistry,Nira!!!What a Blessing it is to experience the 5 senses in Life and how Divine to be illuminated to the Sixth sense and to be quickened into the Seventh!!!May the God of Abraham,Isaac and Jacob Bless You and Your Beautiful Family!!!Love&prayers,Dee&David ((((((HUGS)))))) :):)

Artist Reply: Thanks again dearest Dee...May your way in life will be blessed always ,NIRA

Steven Torrisi 13 Mar 2008

Design looks like brain tissue upclose but with the color of life running through it which represents to me the seventh sense — thought.

Artist Reply: Steven...always you have creative thought up ideas and comments..Thank you my friend. Best wishes,NIRA

Anne Vis 13 Mar 2008

Beautiful design, Nira!

Artist Reply: Hello Anne..thanks so much...Good evening to you, from Nira

Ilunia Felczer 13 Mar 2008

Nice work Nira...yes, I know about the seventh sense...and I used my sixth since I was a child...I know what you talking about....

Artist Reply: Hello glad to know we understand each other so well...Enjoy your evening ,NIRA

Reba McDonald 13 Mar 2008

You probably have more Nira.

Artist Reply: YES.. :-)..But this work is about my discovery of my seventh sense...Thanks so much dearest Reba

Ruth Kauffman 13 Mar 2008

This is most STUNNING, Nira!!! I use extra senses but don't know how many!! LOL I guess I never thought much about it...I just LOVE this design so much!! Bravo!

Artist Reply: Hello Ruth...funny...I thought about it today...about the amount of senses, I use :-)..LOL !! Thanks so much much, Nira

Steve Farr 13 Mar 2008

Beautiful imagery, Nira! Yes, I think we use these other senses and are not even aware of it!! Take care!!! ~S

Artist Reply: Yes..I'm sure too, Steve..Researches must be done ,in this subject to my opinion ... :-).. Thanks so much ,Take care ~~ Nira

jamie winter 13 Mar 2008

most awesome Nira

Artist Reply: Jamie...Thanks so much ,Take care ~~ Nira

Barry Huyett 13 Mar 2008

I agree.....U walk in love and light....U R blessed!

Artist Reply: Hello Barry..thanks for the insights..Take care ~~ Nira

Chris Roukema 13 Mar 2008

Awesome, Nira! I use 9! Yes, some People are way more sensitive! Lots of People seem to be borrowing senses! Sometimes things make no sense at all! Sensors! It all does make sense if We really take the time to be sensitive! Honed Senses! You do make sense, Nira! This one is over most Peoples heads! Awesome Work!

Artist Reply: Hello Chris...Yes, I agree with you. Though people have different sensitivities...I mean also...Do you think each person, who is sensitive enough will know how to use, his senses correctly ??? more then the usual...NOT SURE..I'm sure, also those who are sensitive..and even very sensitive, not always can preceive ...I know, during my life, my ability to preceive changed a lot, and always only developing... I'm very sensitive person, more then most people , I think...YET...I feel my ability, is always developing. Best wishes, NIRA

Olga van Dijk 13 Mar 2008

Yupper, I DO!!! Great sensual design again Nira! --Love and Light~OLGA

Artist Reply: Thanks so much, & light,NIRA

carlos martins 13 Mar 2008

Beautiful work...

Artist Reply: Carlos...thanks so much...Best wishes ,NIRA

Emily Reed 13 Mar 2008


Artist Reply: Emily...thanks so much...Best wishes ,NIRA

thea walstra 13 Mar 2008

Very beautiful work Nira and yes, I think that I understand what you mean with your seventh sense.

Artist Reply: Thea..glad you understood me.....thanks so much...Best wishes ,NIRA

jorge gallardo 13 Mar 2008

Beautiful design would make a great cloth design for you!

Artist Reply: Hello Jorge, thanks so much...It's a wonderful idea... Best wishes ,NIRA

Hiromi Green 13 Mar 2008

Splendid come from like another world!! "Another world" = "The Seventh Sense" ...?? I used (feel) maximum six senses yet :-D

Artist Reply: Hello dear Hiromi..thanks so much for the wonderful comments & idea my friend...You are a very young woman...if you're using already your sixth sense, undoubtedly you'll use more, the older you'll be. With the years come much more knowledge. Best wishes ,Nira

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 13 Mar 2008

marvellous design and colours and yes I think I do.....

Artist Reply: I'm sure you do , are very sensitive yourself...BEST WISHES,Nira