"Since God Turned To Paper" by Andrew Boynton | ArtWanted.com

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I created this drawing with green and black ball point pen, along with color pencil for the sky. It is my artistic political statement on greed. Money is a sad but necessary evil in our reality, replacing for many the spiritual drive to find a greater purpose in human existence. We work harder to get more money to buy more toys to keep ourselves away from our"self". Greed grows out of fear of not having anything on the inside, so it is our false bloodlife on the outside. It's all about intention. Be true to the self, or at least seek it out. This is so hard to do, since God turned to paper... All comments welcome

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Anonymous Guest (IP:

Anonymous Guest (IP: 13 Jun 2010

Great work Andrew!!!! We just love all of it Jill & Ray

Claire Wilson 09 Apr 2009


Michael Easter 16 May 2008

Just superb!!!

Jenna Anderson 25 Mar 2008


Artist Reply: Thank you very much Jenna!

Tahnja Wolter 10 Mar 2008

oh I was so grateful to read that there is much depth to your thoughts and inspirations! How TRUE your thoughts are my friend and beautiful depicted in this piece as well!

Artist Reply: Thanks again Tahnja!