Singing feeds my Soul

I don't usually put self portraits up on here..but i can only put three pictures up here a month and i dont like wasting an image spot and i didnt have anything else to put up so im using myself.. i took this in my bedroom with a microphone that belongs to a karaoke machine and then i darkened the background and added a purple tint.. im taking a photography class now so hopefully i will have some great stuff to post next month!!


Anonymous Guest

geoff cooper 05 Jul 2008

excellent picture...

Chris Williams 29 Feb 2008

a great idea love it

Leah Jaarveth 28 Feb 2008

beautiful self portrait! I agree singing is so awesome, music is so awesome lol...wonderful!

Emily Reed 28 Feb 2008


annette steens 28 Feb 2008

you did this excellent kate!