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Ultimate Victory!

(c)2008 Evenly matched, because of the explosion of the U.S.S. Potempkin, but all their shields are being drained by solar winds, and asteriod collisions from all sides, the Federation tries desperately to do some major damage before the battles over. The Romulan fleet can't even afford the loss of power to cloak themselves. Victory is often sweet when it is swift,...but a long dragged out fight eventually achieves the same goals. So stay focused on victory, will soon come,...because we have God on our side to give us ultimate victory,...if we have the same guts as our soldiers! Simpa Fi! :O)

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Anonymous Guest

Steve Farr 07 Feb 2008

Hiya Gregg!! Awesome imagery!!! Luv it!! ~S

Joke Schotting 07 Feb 2008

Fantastic work Gregg my friend!!!!

Emily Reed 07 Feb 2008

go go go fer it, Gregg! super fantasy!

Lawrence Hickman 06 Feb 2008

fantasically done great job, awsome

Delores Knowles 06 Feb 2008

Very strong and wonderful image.