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Anonymous Guest 17 Jan 2009

One of my favorites :) Although waiting can be long but the sun have to rise and a new morning will come. Great art - Johny

Anonymous Guest 07 Apr 2008

The steps lead nowhere, the boat can't sail becuase there is no water, The carriage has no horse attached and a far traffic arrow points nowhere. These are all signs there is no where to go. The well's bucket is not tied to any rope and the earth is barren. The only plants are trampled. Movie reels without film. A chain without a dog, a chair without a sitter, strings without players, discarded clock that means loss of time. The naked boy and a small monkey nearby are the punchline. In such a situation the monkey stays close to the ground. The human, even small, even naked stands up and looks to the heavens. It is the hope that pulls us out. Posted by Eytan Suchard.

Assaf Rodriguez 02 Feb 2008

A great composition and a lot of meanings - great work!

kath nepia 31 Jan 2008


Anonymous Guest 28 Jan 2008

fabulous work..

thea walstra 28 Jan 2008

Excellent and very interesting art Hisham

Anonymous Guest 28 Jan 2008

congrtulation, I think its very nice

Anonymous Guest 27 Jan 2008

surrealistic, It does remind me of a dream. Very good. sorry I am the," Anonymous Guest" too. Two thumbs up.

Anonymous Guest 27 Jan 2008

surrealistic, it reminds me of a dream. Very good.

Lawrence Hickman 27 Jan 2008

a true masterpiece of perfection great job well composed and a terrific example of excellance...stay inspired

jO ANNA jARVIS 27 Jan 2008

Fantastic....what a creative mind you have!

Anonymous Guest 27 Jan 2008

Brillo! Nice one. ArtRoger