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Son@Da per Trio exhibition in SD1

this picture was taken in S. Daniele del Friuli (Udine), in the rear room of the Gallery Donna Innovation, featuring an installation of mine about open identity anyone can mirror in the red frame. In the background, you can see "Wunderfenster con autoritratto" (self portrait as a goose, 1993)and "SHirEn sitting" (2003), on the left "Lucia" (self portrait as Lucia Mondella,from Promessi Sposi by A. Manzoni, 2002), facing on the right the painting "oisEAU" (1998,not visible in the photo). I made this exhibition (16-31 Jan 2008)as a score to be played on January 27th (Day of Memory), with the performance "[email protected] per Trio". More in

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