"Repose" is a colored pencil artwork by Christina Langman, completed in 2007. All copyright belongs to Christina Langman at (Reference photo from This artwork is 20" x 28" and is SOLD. Prints will be available online through Thanks for all views and comments! Your support is much appreciated, even though I cannot take the time to thank everyone individually!

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denise wilson 14 Oct 2022

Wow! You really know how to work those colored pencils girl! Phenomenal work, just flawless! I need to follow you! ;)

Lili 17 Aug 2008

Absolutely magnificent work of art! Great job, I love it!!!!

John Enright 24 Jul 2008

lovely work... really terrific.

margaret mckeehan 23 Jul 2008


Pamela Davidson 23 Jul 2008

I just picked my jaw up, and here it goes falling open again!! I do so love your wildlife work, your skill in all your mediums is just... well what can I say that 41 ppl below haven't already said, I am a huge admirer of your work. Cheers to your future!