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Juba (neck & face detail)

Wood sculpture, 6'4" ht. 6'+ arm span, 3.5' leg span. The gold arm bands, bracellets and ankle bracellets are all wood painted wiith gold leaf. The eyes are done with Eucalyptus seeds. Her feet are done from pine using mine for a template.


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Cole McLester 18 Sep 2010

I love the way Juba leans in, gives her a sense of life.

annette steens 21 Apr 2008

this is wonderful done!

Emily Reed 04 Feb 2006

Very cute indeed!

Juan Gomez 08 Dec 2004

Very nice and solid work..

Jimmy Adams 30 Aug 2004

I really enjoy your work RQ especially the carvings. Thanks so much for your kind words on my work.

Angie Waszkiewicz 30 Jul 2004

Very cool! Wonderful embellishments too :)

Riaz Mangi 29 May 2004


Lobie Cognac 22 Dec 2003

bien merci!

Pamela Davidson 11 Dec 2003

Ooops forgot the word Wood next to work.. so you get 2 votes from me on this one!

Pamela Davidson 11 Dec 2003

unique piece you've done. I collect african masks.. I love this right down to the belly button. I like that its not all work but you have incorporated metals into it as well