Happy New Year!!!

All Along on New Years Eve! Sure Hope everyone else is having a Happy New YEAR!

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Christine brand 17 Jan 2008

AAAAh, in my heart and thoughts you live so you never really are alone. Please remember that. I wish love and Happiness for you always eternally with Christ. There is one that shall be closer than a brother, truer than a lover and dearer than a friend, He who lives in the heart and mind of the believer is the drink of consolation. You tell me these things so try to remember that Holy Spirit you have seen shinning in your life and who has called your name. "I will never leave you" is what he said. Mary Lou, Sister Mary you know Christ lives in you. Let him smile in your eyes no matter what. Only then life begins that shall never end. He can come to be with his people in these times just as of old. Remember Mary Magdelene saw him in the garden. It is a lie when they try to tell you that you can not talk with God or see him. A lie! For he became a man, like us and arose from the dead, MANY witnesed his apperance and Thomas put his hand in his side. He could walk through walls and appear at will, he ate fish on the shore with his disciples and had a tangible body. It is said we shall be like him. Think of that! You have tried to comfort me through sad times when I felt alone so I do the same for you! This is a beautiful work of art. I love the image of you in the bottle, the red velevet and the two sparkling drinks. Perhaps you know a little how I have felt alone may times during the Holidays. I miss you, wish I never did a thing wrong to make you unhappy and don't know how to tell you I am sorry for any tear you ever cried whether it was my fault or not. We know the Shinning Spirit, Jesus Christ, the King of Kings! You saw him remember! Don't forget he called your name and promised to be by your side, seen or unseen. Thank you for the love you tried to show me and for a chance to live with you and the girls. I am sorry I could not stay with you. I am thankful for all you did and Jennifers' efforts to help me with my life. I pray that you will realize that Christ is the way and never depart from his love or tune him out. We have shared things some dream of. He is there when you feel alone like you have told me. I am trying my best to not be weak and let my physical self doubt the existance of things unseen,( Faith is the evidence of things unseen)Remember the heart that appeared above your house in the sky, it follows you wherever you go. That was Gods' message to us and the world, carry it with you. With love CB

Artist Reply: Thank-you Kindly My Dearest Sister Christine: It is evident that it is your turn to Remind me of our Lord's Love....and Kindness! Praise the Lord for his Love! We must All show His thoughtfulness to one another! Love your neighbor as yourself...these are the words of our Lord; we must take heed! Love you My Dearest Sister Christine!!!! And Don't you ever forget it!

Chris Williams 08 Jan 2008

a brilliant idea well done

Alberto D'Assumpcao 03 Jan 2008

Happy New Year to you too, dearest friend!!! I'm seeing only now your artwork!!!

Artist Reply: Thank you for your wonderful comment, Alberto....and May you Have a Wonderful New Year, to you and your Family!!!

Joke Schotting 01 Jan 2008


Eddy collins 01 Jan 2008

very nice