A portrait of Hermione Granger with a pseudo-Final Fantasy Style


Anonymous Guest (IP:

angelina locks 12 May 2007

this pic really expresses the sweetness and cuteness in hermione...it is the original form in which we all see her!

shelby 31 Jan 2006

very cute and playful:D

Eryn Tison 12 Sep 2005

She looks so cute! I love it!

Leigh Harrison 25 Oct 2004

beautiful interpretation of hermione... I love the way it looks like her but is still beautiful... which it seems most people don't consider Hermione to be!

Anonymous Guest (IP: ) 10 Feb 2004

she looks like jennifer garner- too pretty to be hermione, but still well drawn

Hanna Monola 26 Jan 2004

Whoa! That is amazing, truly amazing! GREAT WORK!!!

Sexual Jesus 14 Dec 2003

OMG! That's just beautiful! Exactly how I imagined her! Are you reading my mind? *looks around nervously*

frodo bolson 10 Dec 2003

She's beautiful. Very close to how I imagine her

Buffalo Graphics Dennis Karchner 06 Dec 2003

great techinque, wonderful piece Jozefynn--DK

Pam Schmidt 06 Dec 2003

pretty cool