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One Spirit of Love

Our lives are woven together for a reason . Last day of Hanukkah , just few days ago.. I replies to Izabella Pavlushko's comments by a small story about my best friend Ronit. Few hours later, I was surprised by an e.mail from Izabella telling me about her best friend, Irina. During the late 80's, Irina came to Israel changed her name to Ronit, and married Arie and stayed to live in Israel. At first Izabella and Irina / Ronit were connecting through letters and phones..but then around 1991 they lost their contact. Izabella didn't know the new second name of Irina / Ronit...but she missed her friend and tried to find out what happened to her during the last 17 years or so. She thought,there was no hope to find her friend. I offered my help..there were very few details...especially that all members of family changed names when they arrived in Israel, to Israelis names. But Izabella remembered Irina's parents name. Luckily the SOUND of their family second name was Israelian so they didn't change it..and luckily they stayed to live in the same town, different address though. I made few inquiries and found the father's phone number. His first name changed just a bit :-)... As I heard the name of the address he live..I felt..it must be him...God's hand was there with us. Irina / Ronit's parents live in Kidush Hashem St. Which means : sanctification, Kiddush of " the NAME " , the name is God. Izabella felt the same. And so..very easily after I find Izabella's Ronit :-) phone numbers.It seemed to me that Ronit almost forgot her name was Irina once in USSR, But she didn't forgot Izabella and their wonderrful friendship. She is now a music teacher, has a family and love to live in Israel. Nothing is coincidence ... This was meant to be, maybe because a month ago, Irina / Ronit found a photo of Izabella and remembered her and talked about her , and felt she wish to know what happened to her best friend, the same as Izabella was looking for Irina / Ronit. Life can be the connection between miracles in so many shapes and ways,if we choose to look at it this way. Undoubtedly this was my Hanukkah miracle...and Izabella's miracle for Christmas . This image is dedicated to Izabella for the LIGHT of this season and always. I light the candles here for the memory of Izabella's mother Nina, who died Jan, 1st 2006 , may she rest in peace. Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush.

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Anonymous Guest

Gavin North 14 Jun 2008

What an amazing thing to do for a fellow human being. You have a big heart Nira, which is a beautiful thing to see. Your words match your image perfectly, we all have an eternal flame that burns, but it is often brighter because of the friends you chose to surround yourself with. A beautiful and compassionate story and art piece.

Kathie Nichols 23 Dec 2007

Stunning photography and design work Nira!!!! Merry Christmas!!!

Renata Cavanaugh 22 Dec 2007

Beautiful. Happy Holidays and New Year Nira

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot ,Renata...Happy holidays to you and yours.

Shakeh Sarookhanian 22 Dec 2007

WOnderful!!!! Happy NewYear to you.

Artist Reply: THANKS And happy new year to you and yours, Nira

Louis Vuittonet 21 Dec 2007


Artist Reply: Hello Louis..thanks so much..all the very best to you..Nira