December 3, 2003

"In headlong flight from the giant robot, EarWorm again experiences the eerie feeling that his every move is being watched, that his fate might be dtermined by unseen forces..." What is this? When I took this job of narrator I was told it would be a simple story about an artist named EarWorm who lived in Wormania. Now I am seeing all this sci-fi crap about "DreamLand" and caterpillars and remote-control robots. I don't think there is enough thought being applied to maintaining the narrative continuity.


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Mary Parker 05 Dec 2003

robot is coming!

Sarah-Lynn Brown 03 Dec 2003

"Show it to me you bad worm boy! ... Batman is no match for my Ninja battle skills." She changes into something corfortable, but he doesn't notice, because he it too busy playing with his toy.

Lucas Seven 03 Dec 2003 he a devious mindreader?...