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The Ingathering

THE INGATHERING: Who will be taken and who will be lost when the days are as Noah`s day? God`s ark will shelter His chosen and consecrated as the calamity of His wrath destroys nations and peoples invading the Saints. Though calamity comes upon the earth beyond measure so that there is no food, neither fruit nor meat, we will rejoice in the Lord; and he will make our feet like that of a deer watching from a high place. Even now, the angels are on high alert, awaiting the trumpet call to go forth. The twigs are tender and the leaves are in bloom in the Kingdom, so we can discern that the time is near, even at our door. “Though heaven and earth may pass away,” says the Lord,” these words I have spoken will surely come to pass. From the foundations of the earth, I have already seen the destruction and the calamity that is to come on earth. “Fear not, Brethren, for they shall not come near you. Before the final destruction, I will send forth my angels to gather you to the high place on earth where I will reign. You shall be my priests, and you will govern the nations of those who will follow you. Peace and prosperity will reign in all the earth. The tribulation of these days is not to be compared to the glory that is to come. Occupy till I come with one eye on the sky and one on the souls I came to seek and to save. Noah`s ark would have held many more, but the people would not enter in. The people closed out of the ark were determined to do business as usual, ignoring the faith of Noah, until the flood came. By then, I [God] had shut the door, and it was too late. Noah knew only seven days before I shut the door, but he was obedient to gather in all those who would follow him. So you also must be ready because I will come at an hour when you do not expect me. Keep watch. The day of the sound of the trumpet and the ingathering is very near.” (from Habakkuk 3; Matthew 24) Paraphrase and Copyright 2007 Dell Belew

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Roberta Ponte 03 Dec 2007

very cool

Artist Reply: Thank you, Roberta. It's all about Him!