Where I'm going...

When I created this image I was motivated by the fact that I was feeling lonely and in a hole...! It was spring, beautiful spring that was all around me. When I saw the cherry blossom, I cried...because that made me feel so alone. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Thanks for stopping by.

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david porfirio 03 Jul 2008

this i9s great , i like the way you use simplicity and you get to the point and still keep it artistic at the same time well done

Sara Deutsch 31 May 2008

Wonderfully expressive, Hiromi! Art is such a healer for us...

Ben DeBiase 14 Apr 2008

oh-do not feel sad and alone! (even though it happens to everyone at some point) great image, so glad you are able to channel your energies into positive creation!

Nira Dabush 19 Mar 2008

so very UNIQUE Hiromi...marvelous work..

Alexander Victor 14 Feb 2008