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Ninmah's Promise

Midnight Dreamer Studio Sorry for the quality, my scanner is still in the damn storage unit so I used a (not so good) digital camera and I cant seem to get a good crisp clean pic of it....any hints, tips and tactics on taking pics of art would be awesome hehe :) Anyway this is my rendition of Ninmah...written on ancient Sumerian tablets is a beautiful story of creation....Ninmah was one (of three) who had her hand in our creation....after the disastrous legendary flood she made a promise~ ***"Ninmah her necklace of crystals, a gift from Anu, touched and swore: On my oath, the annihilation of Mankind shall never be repeated!"*** quoted form~ 'The Lost Books of Enki' by Zecharia Sitchin a fantastic read...the books of Enki are translated from tablets thousands of years old that are in museums...I recommend this book to anyone who is open minded and also curious about the ancient sumerian beliefs :) So this is my tribute to Ninmah with all her beauty, her wisdom and love.... Sleeping Sun by Nightwish

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Anonymous Guest

Stephanie Williams 27 Sep 2008

Oh, Ninmah... you will keep your promise, but I fear Humankind will not. This is brilliant, Leah! And Jenny, I agree with you, too!

Artist Reply: Hello Stephanie :) Thank you for taking the time to see my work! This piece is very special to me :) Thank you my friend!

Tamara Blecker 05 Feb 2008

She makes me feel like I've visited another dimension. Good work! I love your artwork.

Gregory Edwards 02 Dec 2007

Nice and bold glance from the past pasts!!

CowGirlZen Artworks 16 Nov 2007

gorgeous work hun!

Linn Österberg Larsson 16 Nov 2007

wow the necklace is so well done :D