...You just die tired!" Not completely happy with the finished pic, but, what can ya do? I should have (but I didn't) used references for the horses....next time. oct/nov 07, 0.5 mech pencil and charcoal


Anonymous Guest

Renata Cavanaugh 27 Dec 2007

Excellent work!

Artist Reply: Thank you Renata. I don't know about excellent, but...I'll take it.

Patrick Boyle 02 Dec 2007

very cool

Artist Reply: Thanks. Still some iffy parts, but...can't be happy with everything right?

Joanna Jungjohann 13 Nov 2007

why this is beautiful wayne! superb done!~

Artist Reply: Thank you very much Joanna.

Leah Jaarveth 13 Nov 2007

great work :)

Artist Reply: Thanks Leah, I'll be rechecking your new stuff on sunday. (I have some time then)