witch (bi-wich') tr.v. be·witched, be·witch·ing, be·witch·es To place under one's power by or as if by magic; cast a spell over. To captivate completely; entrance. -Every girl wants to be THAT girl. Few realize that, in simply being themselves, they already


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Renata Cavanaugh 27 Nov 2007

Beautiful 10+

Artist Reply: <3 Thank you!

Cher Peterson 11 Nov 2007

The title certainly fits the image - which is simply beautiful. Fantastic work, Sarah.

Artist Reply: <3 Thank you, Cher.

Linda Bertiaux 10 Nov 2007

Wow....and wow again. This is excellent!!! You get a 10 from me.

Artist Reply: Thanks, Linda! I'm glad you like it!

Tom Berry 09 Nov 2007

I like your thoughts here and the effect is very nice.

Artist Reply: =) Thank you!