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No Freedoms,...Just Feedoms!

(c)2007 In many inner cities around the world there are elevated freeways. The key word being "free". But as concerns over pollution, parking, traffic conjestion, and rising costs of maintenance of such roads,'s very likely the word "free" will be replaced with "fee". Now toll bridges are the norm,...and many places around the world there are toll roads,...but a fee based inner city road system possibly tied into your vehicles GPS system might become a necessity for many cities as a solution to all the problems earlier mentioned. It might even be a more cost effective means, for individuals as well, (they will say!)for paying for overall transportation costs if indeed gas prices continue to rise. Like cell phones, you pay for your minutes, well, rather than pay for gas, oil, repairs, insurance, cleaning, etc.,...just pay for every mile you drive with "fees". So, those who drive much, pay more than those who drive little. And what you drive doesn't matter,'s how much you drive. But the good news is there will always be the package deals. Hehe :O) (Note: I do not agree with this thinking, but I feel positive that those who brought us the "system" for paying for cell phones, are already hard at work to do the same to other "freedoms" we now enjoy, driving!)

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thea walstra 15 Nov 2007

Awesome work

joan warburton 12 Nov 2007

Wow! So much to see! The tolls are going up on the NY Bridges again. Personally I don't mind if it encourages mass transit. Great drawing!

Mayme Crouse 10 Nov 2007

Wow Gregg what an editorial..........great illustration

Joke Schotting 09 Nov 2007

So very interesting work my friend!!!!

Mrs.David Jobes(Dee) Jobes 09 Nov 2007

FANTASTIC Felt Tip Art,Gregg!!!Amazing details in this artwork!!!