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There's a little story to this piece.I started out scanning various Autumn leaves,lots of greens,Red's and Golden browns,fair enough I thought,but then I Mirrored,Fliped and Rotated the image,.......uuummmmm,I thought,I then opened up Photoshop CS3,and messed around with colours,various effects etc,and this image was the result.It's great what you do with a simple idea and create something different from the first idea that you had,talk about 'making it up as you go along',anyway,I'm quite happy how it came out,a bit odd,but interesting all the same,hope you like it. (c) Griffleo 2007.


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William Boyer 21 Oct 2007


Kathie Nichols 21 Oct 2007

Fantastic results David, now you're going to have to make some more beauties!!!!!!!!!!

mahesh konsam 19 Oct 2007

somewhat look like the Hindu Elephant God - Ganesh !! i can see a trunk type !! Excellent work David !!

jamie winter 19 Oct 2007

David this is a very good piece l. sorta scary too~