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The Power of Color©

_____________________________________ Momentarily I’m teaching my abstract beginners class @ the Academy
(color wheel basics)
in the “COLOR, SHAPE AND COMPOSITION” section I am covering in a 14 week structured lesson plan.
(monochromatic, analogous, complementary split complementary triad and tetradic
–double complementary- color schemes.)

To better understand the power of color I painted this painting to show my students how colors interact with each other.

Half of the color wheel --from red to yellow-green- -is considered warm.
WARM colors appear as if they are advancing toward you, appearing nearer.
They can help create a warm, cozy atmosphere.

The other half--from green to red-violet--are cool colors.
These COOL colors appear to recede, as though the space is expanding.

Green and violet may appear to advance or recede, depending on the colors used with them.
So some consider them neutrals that can complement any color scheme.

When placed next to one another, complementary colors will make one another appear much more intense, sometimes in an "eye-popping" sense, which was utilized by Op artists of the 1960's to create optical effects. Also in color theory, an object's primary color has its complementary color in its shadows (e.g., the shadows on and around a painted yellow apple will contain some purple).


Abstract oil
Dimensions: 18"x24" (46X61 cm) on canvas.
Simple wooden frame.


Copyright Olga van Dijk 2007
Unauthorized copying or use of images is prohibited.
All rights reserved.
This is another OlgArtsProduction©2007 ______________________________

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Anonymous Guest

Marika Antal 06 Nov 2009

you are so talented!!

Mark Siciliano 27 Feb 2009

I like the neutral background, really makes the colors pop. Very nice job!

Susana Araujo 25 Dec 2008

Really fantastic!

Van Cordle 02 Aug 2008

You have great creative talent!! and great since of color!

Susan Cherry 17 Jun 2008

Olga, I am so happy to find your site. Amazing abstract. usually I'm not much for cubism(?), but the red and orange warms this piece up perfectly, yes, I would definately hang this piece in my home...wonderful! Suzi

Artist Reply: Thanks Hon! It's still available! ;-) Check also my portfolio COLLAGE/PAINTINGS Love and Light~OLGA