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Frog Series:  Thanks!

Created specifically for a 'Froggie' greeting card line. Professional watercolors on Arches cold-pressed paper. Please feel free to see my professional greeting card line: Icansketchu's Greeting Cards!


Anonymous Guest

Debbie Battrick 01 Jan 2008

Thats so cute....debbie

Seth Weaver 18 Sep 2007

Charming and so well done Kerra! Wonderful watercolors!

Hassan Pasha 14 Sep 2007

rrrrrrribitttttttttt ribbbbbbbittttttt YOUR WELCOME mr.froggie .. how do you do my amphibeous friend? hopping form pond to pond thanking other frogs i bet . heheh .. THIS IS REALLY CUTE .. can't wait to see the entire collection

Alberto D'Assumpcao 14 Sep 2007

Wonderful watercolor, Kerra!

Steve Farr 13 Sep 2007

Charming, indeed Kerra!! You're in this "frog phase", which is so cool!!! Take care, my friend!! ^_^

Anonymous Guest 13 Sep 2007

Whimsical and light of heart.....He has a heart of graditude and is perfect for communicating "thanks" for the sender....

Michael Forbus 13 Sep 2007

Excellent concept and well executed. A very marketable item. Michael.

Olga van Dijk 13 Sep 2007

Ahhww, how nice!! PRINT THEM Kerra!--

annette steens 12 Sep 2007

so ...............very sweet, Kerra!

Artist Reply: Hi, again, Annette! Thanks for the feedback on this 'Thanks!" Frog--I appreciate it! :) -Kerra

Karie Goffic 11 Sep 2007

very cute!

Artist Reply: Hi, Karie! (love how you spelled your name...or, er, your mom rather...ha ha ha) Glad you liked this little 'Thanks' Frog! :) -Kerra

katja cuikova 11 Sep 2007

awesome and so sweet!!

Artist Reply: Hi, agian, Katja! I'm so glad you liked this little guy. :) -Kerra

Joanna Jungjohann 11 Sep 2007

this is so cute

Artist Reply: Hi, again, Joanna! :) Thanks for the feedback on this 'Thanks' Frog...I appreciate it! Hope your week is going great! -Kerra