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These are the eyes of a stray cat in the neighborhood that is just about near death. It seems someone left her out and does not care for her. A friend of mine did name her and tried to care for her but moved and did not take her with him. I can not get her to come to me. I have tried to feed her but she does not want food from me. One day I saw her on the fence in the backyard. I took some phtos of her. She is a fluffy haired thing, gorgeous but it seems no one wants to love her. Her beautiful coat is falling out and she is rail thin. Esperanza means hope. She reminds me so much of the way the world is sometimes. She reminds me of the lost souls in the world, the lost loves and the lost innocents. It hurts to see the creatures of the world uncared for. Beautiful Esperanza reminds me much of myself too, I know what it is like to be forgotten and out on the street. If anyone would like to care for her I could try to catch her and send her to you. I am allergic to cats otherwise I might consider caring for her. Where I live right now it is not possible to have a cat anyway plus I already have a dog. Please think about Esperanza. Love Christine

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Anonymous Guest

nicole zeug 02 Jul 2008

Great expression!

Federica Bentivoglio 22 May 2008

unique work!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Barry Huyett 03 May 2008

I am waiting for UR new work.......always unique!

Artist Reply: Greetings Barry! Thank you so much for visiting my pages. I appreciate the time you took and your thoughts. It is my blessing to meet you here. Unfortunately I do not have a PC of my own and it is difficult these days for me to upload any new work. I was using my xroomates and then one of my sisters' let me use her PC for a while... but for almost 6 months now I do not have my own PC. Don't know when I will be able to purchase one. That is why I have not upoaded any new work for a while but, I do like to try to see what some others are doing, so I CHECK IN FROM TIME TO TIME WHEN I CAN. God Bless you in all you do and keep you safe in the Arms of Christ!!! Live Always Love Forever. Sinseerly CB

Gavin North 25 Mar 2008

I love this CB how strong and intense are those eye, excellent work my friend

Yuriy Bihusyak 04 Mar 2008

I love it! Your style is so unique....and work you do is done to perfection!