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I had rather a lot of fun doing this piece as originally i was going to upload another set of swans where one of them was doing a kind of ritual in the water in the end i settled for this one Anyway i have a lot of swans in my photo collection ( i normally take several photos of the same subject but from different poses,angles and so on) in this particular case this swan where as you can see i have given the impression of a mirrored effect ( appears to be a female) as i must have been watching her for a couple of hours she was circling round looking for a place to make a nest ( see my reflections image under the sub gallery for swans) as you will notice its the same swan like the one in this image if you do prefer the original over what i have done here do let me know as i never use any original photos in the creation of my images ( i use layers over any photo i use) Thank you for your comments and enjoy

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