This is a painting representing the summer I spent in Highgate, London. The road leads to the unknown future. For more information please visit the Alternate Website link.

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Anonymous Guest

Ai Shan 14 Nov 2008

So magnificent painting! Love it!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 17 Nov 2007

Beautiful! You are incredibly talented woman. Your unique style of painting is incredible. I 'm so happy to see your body of work being celebrated. I knew you would do it! Keep up the great work! As Paulo Coelho said, "All I know is that, like Santiago the shepherd boy, we all need to be aware of our personal calling." Clearly, you are aware of yours!:) Craig

Anonymous Guest (IP: 29 Oct 2007

Amy, this one is so much fun. You are so very talented. This one reminded me of my sketchbooks too.... by the way, I've been looking for my black ink pen! How did you get it? It's in better hands, that's for sure! :) Joan W.

Anonymous Guest (IP: 02 Sep 2007

Amy, your artwork is stunningly beautiful and every time I view a new piece, I am reminded of what a talented artist you are! I have enjoyed reading about the inspiration to your paintings. Clearly, the concept of the strength of a woman is exhibited in you. No matter what develops in the career department, you have a clear path set before you. What an incredible gift you have!! -Trina

helen tyralik 02 Sep 2007

lovely artwork