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This piece is one i found amongst some images i had already done,as you can see i like doing skies where there is a kind of atmospheric/surreal feel to them In this particular image i had great difficulty in giving it a name the only thing i could think of was greenhouses partly because these ( in the image) are situated on some land owned by my local council with say a few plots ( for allotment gardens) The tall chimney i think must be used to heat the glass/green-houses as these are quite old ( probably either wood/fuel burners) are used for keeping the plants /seedlings warm i slightly enlarged this just to bring out the detail as in the original photo these green houses looked quite small due to distance from where i was i did of course use a tele-photo lense and was able to zoom in as best i could As with all my images layers were used to allow me to get this atmospheric look enjoy

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