We all trip and fall sometimes, learn to suck it up. =) I love this picture. It is a picture of me if you didn't already figure that out. Only spent a few days on it, i just wanted to get used to the new canvas i got for my birthday

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Sherrie Kostura 01 Jan 2006

This is an adorable illustration, Dillon. I can easily see this used in a children's story book. Maybe you should write a short story and include some illustrations? Great work!

Peter Leahy 18 Apr 2005

really fabulous pencil work

MaryLou Chaney 18 Apr 2005

wonderful work

Tamara Paylor 03 Jun 2004

you are very talented...your whole family seems very gifted...wonderful work

BethRandall BrianRoss 27 May 2004

precious! realistic! looks like my son about 20 yrs ago :)