Kitsuna Shaharina

Mate of my bishounen fox char.She is thinking about her past life. The danglies on her head is required by all mateless females. She hasn't meet her mate yet.

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Paul Traudt 28 Nov 2003

I love this including the description, draws me in

Jess Williams 28 Nov 2003

Lovely. I love the accesories, and the hair.

Peter Firth 19 Nov 2003

Of all the images on your page, this one spoke to me the loudest. I agree with Dean........VERY 20's, yet a surrealistic quality unique to this omage! By the way, thanx for your comment on my "Kol Ami". I had 8 hours to record my impressions of this synagogue. The Prayer shawls and robes were just hanging there, free of symmetry, and I loved the look of them.

Antony Rufus 13 Nov 2003

Neat drawing. Your style is good. You should try other medium too. Especially computer. You will come up with amazing effects. All the best.

Laurel Belian 21 Oct 2003

*grs and puts her name on the post by anonymous* Gomen Ne. I suppose I hadn't logged in. x.x