This is a bit of an odd piece. Its actually carved out of a piece of drywall and then painted with acrylics. Its also old(ish), as you can see by the beaten up bottom corner. I like ti though and think its a bit neat so decided to post it. *shrugs* I noticed a sudden lack of traditional stuff in my archive. Time to add some more of this type stuff then I have a whole bunch of surprises to add in. *evil grin*


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Hilton Harris 01 Jun 2004

Cool piece. I like the way the dark background brings the subject matter into stark relief. Interesting media blend.

Miki H 25 Mar 2004

kitty!! i love kitties. =] hehe tigers are so cool!!

Anonymous Guest (IP: ) 12 Mar 2004


Kim Wyatt 03 Nov 2003

This is a very beautiful piece. Tiger's are one of my fave big cats. That's an interesting technique you used to create this image. Fab job. ^_^