Sakti Daring Sandro

Okay, so Sandro isn't in this pic. ^^;; He's offscreen. This is from Legendary Poachers. In it, Eliza and Tyler are possessed by opposing poacher spirits, and fight each other. This is from the last fight. Eliza and Sandro (same body) try to free Tyler by killing Sakti, but that'll kill him, too. So Sakti is saying, "Are you really willing to do this Eliza? Are you willing to kill your own cousin?", and daring him to be ruthless or cowardly.


Anonymous Guest

Anonymous Guest 08 Mar 2004

IS THAT A GIRL!? Pink markings.

Anonymous Guest 04 Nov 2003

One dangerous-looking and blood-thristy kinda guy,eh? Great job on the pic.