Self- Portrait


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Christine brand 19 Jun 2005

I find this very eye catching! love it when someone comes up with a unique self portrait! Like each persons signature! Green! U are alive n a storehouse of creativity! many emotions in this! Right down to the beginning of thought! Intense n fluid! Broken n adhesive! U a controversy of harmoney! Your soul looks out from the times of your life hidden yet open to others. I think this is great! Dark light n a hairy texture to the geometrics makes it even more interesting. Got the soft hard edge adaptibilty going! What a guy! Rebel! Cool!

Peter Kripgans 23 Apr 2004

fantastic Lenny -thanks for your comments

Anonymous Guest 26 Feb 2004


Dillon Karchner 22 Oct 2003

You might want the number of a plastic surgon

Lucas Seven 22 Oct 2003

Hey,...your Hipple is showing!